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CrossFit IGY6

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The Owners


Mark & April McCollum


The beginning of the gym sort of happened at a time neither of us were expecting to start a gym. Mark was the GM for a box in Fishers, and after opening a second location in Westfield, the owner decided to close that satellite space. We decided to stay, rebrand, and opened our first gym location on March 1, 2021 – inside an old factory space, with a non-stop leaky ceiling, the occasional field mouse, intermittent lighting and a room full of prom dresses. As much as we loved this spot, Westfield decided to build a new library, and we had to move. With not a lot of options, we were blessed to be offered space within a space – 2,000 square feet of chain-linked fence surrounding our gym mats, with pallets literally stacked to the ceiling, zero air flow in the sweaty summer months, and an all you can eat Toxic Waste candy buffet. Fast-forward to today, and we’re finally in our home space as of September 1, 2022. We became an official CrossFit affiliate in July 2023.

The Team


Mark McCollum

  • Owner
  • Certified CrossFit Trainer/ CF-L3
  • Burgener Weightlifting L1
  • ETP Nutritionist
  • Army Master Fitness Trainer 

We all remember the line “That’s America’s a$$!” from the Marvel movie…but did you know that was inspired by Captain America’s hero, Mark McCollum?! Owner, Coach, father, husband extraordinaire, Mark not only serves these roles but also serves the US as an active-duty National Guard recruiting team leader. Though he plays dad to a basketball team size blended family, he still finds time to attend all the family functions, work a full-time job, own a business, and ensure 100% athlete dedication and focus when he’s coaching, every day at the 4:45A class. He loves all things OLY but will partner up and suffer through a good Metcon too. Though we’re all envious of his pace in life, we’ve tried but can’t keep up. There’s a reason he’s Captain America’s hero…he not only bleeds Red, White, and Blue…but his heart is pure gold!


April McCollum

  • Owner
  • CF-L1
  • Burgener Weightlifting L1
  • Personal Trainer

Everyone needs an April McCollum in their life and gym. Not only does she bring her A-game to coaching classes, but also to life in general. Whether she’s coaching a class, an individual, being mama bear to a t-ball size blended family or fixing/DIYing something at home or the gym…she is doing it with a smile on her face and laughter in the air. That’s right, you heard right. She wears the tool belt in that marriage, unless it’s the car or mechanical! Most of us lucky enough to be born in the late 1900’s remembers that most wholesome show Home Improvement and Tim “The-Tool Man” Taylor…well her nickname should be April “The Multi-Tool Woman” McCollum. She can be found yielding a barbell, a bullhorn, or one of our member’s babies at the 9:30, 12, 4:30, or 5:45…basically any of the class times at IGY6.


Holly Bezy

  • Head Coach
  • (PNL-1) Nutritionist
  • Head Nutrition Coach
  • Training Coach
  • Personal Trainer

She has beauty, she has an awesome Grace, she’s also not afraid to put you in your place. That’s our Coach Holly Bezy, Beez, Hol, Coach Beez, Bada$$ mama, she has a few nicknames. As the head coach and head nutritionist, she not only ensures our athletes, of every level, receive top quality coaching but have access to nutritional aid as well! She encompasses the “practice what you preach” mentality to the max and can often be seen before a workout or after with a shaker bottle in hand supplementing her macro needs all while providing Uber and Lyft services with her husband Jason and their wonderful kids for all their baseball and volleyball needs!  If you want to see her in action, she’s found most days coaching the 9:30 class, some 4:30s and a 5:45 or two, or any other class that needs covered, because she’s the ultimate team player!


Michael Perry

  • Group Coach

Do you wish your coach had that suave hair like the Man of Steel…or boulder shoulders that rivaled his as well…or even a heart of gold like his???!!! If so, you’ve found him in IGY6’s coach Michael Perry (yes you have to say both first and last name when referring to him in any capacity)! Not only can he clean and jerk a house, snatch a car…but it’s whispered he has a connection with Mother Nature herself. Robins flutter at the sound of his voice, rabbits frolic under his feet, and deer…lay down before him, offering themselves as sustenance for he and his family. If you are looking for a coach who has the physique of Superman, the charm of Clark Kent, and the heart of Snow White, you can find him coaching the 5:45P evening class or working out at 445 am! Come and get a glimpse of this majestic man…er…the gym!

CrossFit IGY6 Coach Jordan

Jordan Rivera

  • Group Coach

Are you looking for a coach who could beat you in both a cooking and best legs contest? Then look no further! IGY6’s Coach Jordan is just that. You’ll see his curly locks (pre-haircut) bouncing as he demonstrates a pristine snatch and clean and every other movement beautifully, every Friday at 9:30 and 4:30. His olive skin mixed with his sultry voice will have you coming back for cues week in and week out. He is never without a smile and can not only cook, bake and build just about anything, but he is also an incredible father, husband, and coach. Great cues, great tunes, and a class that will feel like a vacation from life is where it’s at with Friday classes under Coach Jordan. Come check him out…er I mean the gym!

CrossFit IGY6 Coach Andrea

Andrea Reifeis

  • Group Coach

We all have that one friend we love…despite their quirkiness, you know?! They’re our quirky friend…we lay claim to that…we’re all picturing that friend right now…that’s right, picture them…. all of them…they’re a little weird…maybe they like K-pop, or Latin pop music (but they aren’t either of those), they “dance” …uh…aggressively…no, passionately, yea that’s it…passionately!!! They even really like to R-U-N 😳…. yeah, we all have that friend! Our coaching staff is no different! Coach Andrea is that to a T, and we wouldn’t change a thing about her! From that wildly eclectic Spotify top plays playlist to her love of all things travel…and yes…even her mildly unhealthy addiction to K-pop! She’s our quirky, awesome friend and coach. You can’t have her, find your own…and if you try and jump on this playful banter train, we’re throwing hands…no cap! Coach Andrea will be shadowing our other coaches until she can settle into her own routine and style, and we can’t wait to watch her shine! But you can check out her straight bustin’ dance moves most 9:30AM and evening classes!


Jennifer Hurst

  • CF-L2

Jen joined the IGY6 family back in January. She
brings a lot of knowledge, energy, and experience to
the space. She also brings along her awesome
husband Kellen, and together they have 3 awesome
kids. Jen has been coaching CrossFit since about 2013.
Some of you may know her from CrossFit Broad
Ripple, CrossFit Naptown, or CrossFit Thrive. She also
does personal training and coaches her daughter’s
travel softball team along with several other
qualifications and achievements over the last 20 years
in the fitness industry. She graduated from Saint
Mary-of-the-Woods College with a Bachelor of Arts in
Graphic Design. She was Captain of the Softball Team
for SMWC, and she was All-American in 2006 in

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